About the Library



Library Services

Internal regulations


Consultation in the Library

All the Library’s holdings are available for consultation in the reading room.

Users may request information and publications at the Circulation Desk, located in the entrance hall of the Library on the Noble Floor of the Palace.

Monographs and reference books are displayed in the entrance hall by subject area and are available on open access shelves.


Only internal users of the Assembly of the Republic are allowed to borrow books for a period of ten days.

Reference books, confidential books, reserved or rare books, books in poor condition or with high material value are not available for loan.

Copying services

Users may request to copy articles and parts of publications (not full copy) as well as legislative texts.

For external users, each photocopy in format A4 costs 15 cents (0,15 ).

Monthly Display

The publications recently acquired by the Library are displayed in the Reading Room. These publications are organised in two different groups: Books and Serials. The last periodicals titles subscribed by the Library are also available for consultation.


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