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Internal regulations

(pursuant to Article 17(a) of the Regulations for the Services of the Assembly of the Republic)

Folha de rosto do Regimento das ordenações (1548)

Article 1 (Specific powers)

To acquire, handle and provide access to technical and scientific information produced in Portugal, in foreign countries and international organisations, in the various subject areas, as well as information produced by the media.

To make the Official Journal of the Republic, the Official Journal of the Assembly of the Republic and the minutes of public meetings available for consultation.

Article 2 (Library hours)

Regular hours: The Library is open on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Special hours: In days of parliamentary proceedings, the Library follows the schedule of the plenary sittings, standing committees and for any other activities of the Assembly of the Republic, upon request.

Article 3 (Admission)

The Library is open to Members of Parliament, tthe Cabinet of the Minister and/or State Secretary for Parliamentary Affairs, parliamentary officials and all other staff of the Assembly of the Republic.

The Library is also open to any citizen searching for parliamentary information, without prejudice to the general and special conditions governing access to the Assembly of the Republic ................

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